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How to Get a Cell Tower on Your Land or Property

Most people are in the dark when it comes to cell tower land lease rates. Determining the price you should seek for your land lease can lead to frustration and confusion. Wireless carriers and cell tower builders often take advantage of the confusing and sometimes opaque nature of the cell tower lease market. Doing your research on market pricing factors will help ensure that you get the best possible rate for your land lease deal.

How Much Is Your Land Worth?

You're potentially losing out on thousands of dollars per year if you rely on representatives from the wireless carriers for information about the value of your land. Average cell tower lease rates can vary greatly from market to market and even within the same target area. The rates in urban markets are trending upward while remaining stable in more rural areas. It's important to understand the factors that determine the value of land in the cell tower market. Rates can vary by hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the location, demand, and the carrier you're dealing with.

Typically, the wireless carrier will send out a site acquisition agent to contact a prospective landowner. This agent will come to the table with knowledge of your surrounding area, zoning requirements, any other viable properties nearby, and the top dollar rate the carrier is willing to pay. Of course, the agent will most likely not disclose any of this information to the landowner. You could be losing out on thousands if your site is one of the only viable options in the area and you are unaware.

What Is the Standard Rate?

There's no such thing as standard when it comes to cell phone tower land leases. Top carriers, like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, typically offer top dollar. Deals with these top-tier carriers can reach over $100,000 yearly. On the lower end of the spectrum, some leases go for as little as $100 per year. The value of your land depends greatly on the demand for coverage and the supply of viable locations within your area. You can earn premium lease pricing if your land happens to be the only site in the area that meets the zoning and carrier demand requirements. If there are multiple viable sites in the search area, sticking a bit closer to market pricing may be wise. When negotiating a cell tower lease, you'll want to secure a lease escalator that keeps pace with current inflation projections. You’ll see a loss on your rent in the future if you settle on anything lower than the inflation rate.

Negotiating a rate can be the most challenging part of securing a cell phone tower lease on your land. When it comes to getting the best rate for your land, knowledge is power. You can better position yourself by doing your research and understanding the various factors that go into market pricing. Remember, you're dealing with experts that negotiate hundreds of cell phone tower lease rates each year. If you're serious about getting the best lease rate, consult a cell tower lease expert.

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