How The Cell Tower Lease Process Works

Allowing a wireless carrier to build a cell tower on your land can provide a great source of passive income. You may have heard of various other landowners who have taken advantage of the opportunity to lease a plot of land for a cell tower and wondered, "How do I get a cell phone tower on my property?" You're not alone; droves of landowners want to lease their land for tower use but have questions about the process involved when reaching a deal with a wireless carrier.


How Is a Property Selected?

The process for cell phone tower site selections can be confusing. Many landowners believe that their land is perfect for cell tower use just because there seems to be a lack of towers in the area. Wireless demand will always drive the need for new towers. Each wireless carrier has a strategic plan in place to extend coverage into areas where demand is greatest. Once the carrier pinpoints an area where demand is great enough for new towers, they will designate a search ring. This search ring will be the geographic parameter for the search for new tower sites. The wireless carrier will then send out acquisition agents that will hunt for suitable land that meets all of the requirements for a new tower.


How Do I Increase the Odds of Putting a Cell Phone Tower on My Land?

While your property may actually be an ideal site for a tower, if it doesn't meet the current needs of a wireless carrier and fall within its search ring, the odds of getting a tower on your land are slim. This doesn't mean all hope is lost if carriers are currently looking for property in your area. There are certain things steps you can take to make your property more visible to wireless carriers. You can start by placing a sign on your property indicating that your land is available for cell tower leases. This can be a great tactic if acquisition agents are indeed in your area. You may also want to place advertisements online or in local papers targeting wireless carriers and their acquisition agents. Many landowners find success by periodically expressing their interest for a cell phone tower lease directly to the wireless carriers via phone calls. If you want to take your efforts a step further, you can seek help from companies that specialize in advertising property for cell tower leases. These companies have extensive databases and contacts with carriers, tower builders, and real estate agents that specialize in tower site acquisition.


What Is the Negotiation Process?

Once a site acquisition agent has contacted you and shown interest in your property for cell tower use, he or she will begin the negotiation process. This is where a lack of knowledge and experience with cell phone tower leases typically harm landowners the most. Acquisition agents will have negotiated hundreds of these contracts before and will use their vast experience to get the lowest lease price for their employer. You can help even the playing field by being well informed on pricing and viable site availability in your area. You can also seek the help of a professional that represents landowners during negotiation.